Gucci pre-fall 17 campaign London dancehall

Gucci’s Pre-Fall 2017 campaign is magnificent

Set in the Mildmay club in London, photographer Glen Luchford perfectly captures Gucci's nostalgic "Soul Scene" campaign.

Anyone who knows me, be it IRL or through my various Twitter incarnations (anyone remember @ASOS_Nat?), knows that my love of vintage style runs true and deep.

From early 60s modster (AKA The Beehive Years) through to late 60s hippy, I now find myself settling on the 70s (following a brief disco dalliance when I was at college – but I seem to be turning back more and more to my teen tastes; maybe that’s when I was my truest self?).

But maybe fashion in general’s feeling this shift too, because Gucci’s pre-fall 2017 campaign is a) amazing and b) not only inspired by photographer Malick Sidibe, whose images documented African youth culture in the 60s and 70s, but by England’s Northern Soul scene too.

Of course, I BLOODY LOVE IT.

Gucci pre-fall 17 campaign London dancehall

Gucci pre-fall 17 campaign London dancehall

Aside from the obvious positive move in casting all-black models and dancers for this campaign, for me, I’m most enamoured by the setting: The Mildmay Club in London. From the wood panelled walls to the gaudy carpets, I feel so inspired by the interiors, let alone the garments.

Oh, and if, like me, you’re wondering why it looks familiar, you might recognise it from John Newman’s 2013 video for ‘Love Me Again’ – also featuring Northern Soul dancers… #justsayin


Hardcore Northern Soul scenesters are kicking off about the fact the style on show is not an accurate representation of what they wear, and they’re being hijacked to sell clothes – but if you look, really look, at the video, you’ll see influences from dandyism and several decades, peppered with the usual Gucci flamboyance, remixed for 2017. Isn’t that essentially what Renaissance artists used to do?

According to a press release from Gucci, the campaign:

“explores the freedom of expression found in music and dance.”

Gucci pre-fall 17 campaign London dancehall

Gucci pre-fall 17 campaign London dancehallAll I know is I need to get me club membership ASAP so I can check out these sweet interiors for myself. And possibly a bank loan so I can buy the entire outfit in the image above.

British photographer Glen Luchford has done an amazing job of making the imagery look at-once nostalgic yet fresh, and I’ve just hit the follow button on his Instagram account.

Watch the accompanying video here and be prepared to wanna party like it’s 1970 (or at least to trawl eBay for a vintage Adidas zip-top tracksuit like your PE teacher used to wear).

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| Photography: Glen Luchford |

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