Natalie Wall in Puma Basket trainers

Currently obsessed with: old-skool sneaks

Maybe it’s the Jamiroquai comeback, maybe it’s my current nostalgic mood for all things 90s, but I’ve got this thing for old-skool trainers lately.

I’ve had my heart set on getting a pair of bright red trainers, and had been eyeing up some Nike Cortez in a similar shade, but when I spotted a pair of suede Puma Baskets reduced to £25 in the Size sale, I snapped them up asap (despite them being a half-size too small, ngl).

These pics are from their first outing and it’s funny: as soon as the ruby-red sneaks were fastened onto my feet, I became aware of pops of red highlights all around me.

I gravitated towards an iconic old telephone phone box which complemented my kicks perfectly.

Natalie Wall in Puma Basket trainers

Natalie Wall in Puma Basket trainers

Style-wise, lately I’m really feeling cropped kick-flares, tight 70s-style T-shirts and socks with sneaks. I’m still obsessed with ~that~ Farrah Fawcett skateboarding photo-shoot from 1976, and that’s definitely influencing my fashion choices rn.

Natalie Wall in Puma Basket trainers

Natalie Wall in Puma Basket trainers

As ever, my garms are a mix of new and old; the velvet jacket is vintage Jaeger, picked up a year or two ago from Oxfam.

The cropped jeans are the perfect kick-flare, bought from Free People’s London store in the sale. I have to say, their jeans have just the aesthetic I’m after: high waist, butt-hugging, a ‘lived-in’ wash and the right amount of flare for dreamy vintage vibes. Do look out for the FP sales; you can totally pick up a bargain if you’re lucky (these jeans were like £30 or something).

I’m actually slightly obsessed with slogan tees rn. Not that you can really see, but this one has ‘veteran’ emblazoned across it, which I thought pretty appropriate in more ways than one (age-wise and having worked in fashion for +15 years!). I scooped up this number for £4 in the reduced section at Bershka.

Natalie Wall in Puma Basket trainers

Just when we thought we were finished shooting – after, like, an hour because 1) my attention span is ridiculously low and 2) HUNGRY – walked under this bridge and noticed the stripes of colour completely matched my outfit.

We knew it was serendipitous when, just as I got into position, the sun shone for the first (and last) time that day, beaming down on me like nature’s spotlight. Gotta love that Golden Hour!

[In the interests of a balanced and honest account, have also included what it probably my favourite shot of the set for lols!]

I’m really pleased with these pics. Not only were they taken by my BFF (hire her here!) so I was really relaxed, but I simply adore the continual pops of red throughout. More importantly, the photos are the real deal. They’ve been cropped and colour-adjusted, but there’s no retouching, in order to present to you the most authentic version of me. So there are fly-away hairs, fine lines and imperfect suburban settings. AND IT FEELS GOOD.

In fact, just remembered another coincidental moment: Shortly after meeting up with Daniela, as we walked together, we spotted a gorgeous French bull-dog sitting with his female owner outside a cafe. I went over (obvs) and was petting him when the owners boyfriend came out of the cafe and sat down. As I looked back down at the dog, I noticed the guy had on the EXACT same trainers as me! Would’ve taken a photo but the woman was clearly a bit HANGRY so I complemented him on his nice sneaks and left.

If you want to join me and the dog dude, click to shop the kicks below:


Natalie Wall in Puma Basket trainers


Created for basketball’ s Walt “Clyde” Frazier in 1973 when he asked PUMA for a custom-made pair of Suedes.

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