MIAMIGO new single Hard to Love

Listen: MIAMIGO – Hard to Love

Contrary to the title, MIAMIGO’s second single in over a year certainly ain’t hard to love. Tedious ‘disc jockey’ link aside, I’ve had it on repeat for the last few days, imagining myself looking all angry and hurt in accompanying video that I will never obviously star in. Does anyone else do that, especially when plugged in to your iTunes while walking down the street, or am I just very, very strange?

Anyway, with the opening bars reminiscent of Tears For Fears – Shout, the track develops into a dirty slice of what I’m dubbing ‘dark synth pop’, all soaring synths and anthemic angry choruses.

With this being the first track I’ve got really excited about this year, I’m tempted to try and get to Great Escape to see these Brighton-based boys live in action. You should too.

Hard to Love will be included on MIAMIGO’s debut EP of the same name, out on 14th June 2015.

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