On a fashion mission // 90s style beanie hats Brian Harvey would be proud of

During this cold snap, there can be only one style icon, and that is…

…Brian Harvey.

East 17 Brian Harvey beanie hat

It was only a matter of time. PUT DOWN THE SHARPIE AND STOP DRAWING A CARTOON DOG ON YOUR ARM. I’m talking head wear. Stay now.

The beanie is BACK. You don’t need ANOTHER post on how obsessed we are with streetwear right now, but following in her Royal Maj of Street Ms Ora, we are currently searching for the perfect 90s beanie.

It’s all about the pointy top, turn-up, oversized, condom shape as pioneered by 90s boy band, pill popper and runner-over-of-self Brian Harvey. WHO KNEW (we did not).

Go logos, go slogans, go patches, go neon. GO. GO!

Rita Ora 90s beanie hat
90s symbols…
Urban Outfitters yin yang beanie hat

Vintage Customised Yin-Yang Patch Beanie, £15, Urban Outfitters

Cahartt watch beanie

Rihanna in Carhartt watch neon beanie hat

THE perfect shape (if you can get your mitts on it, it seems to be sold out EVERYWHERE **hint** try smaller sport/skate shops)

Funky Bling at ASOS

LOVE ALL OF THEM – but particularly this one:

Funky Bling beanie hat at ASOS

Funky Bling $$$ Beanie Hat, £60, ASOS

Lazy Oaf Awesome beanie (cos it is)

Lazy Oaf Awesome beanie hat

Lazy Oaf Awesome Beanie Hat, £20, ASOS

BOY London beanie

Note: You don’t have to be an hactual boy for this one…

BOY London beanie hat

BOY London beanie, £35

And Le Blow’s PERSONAL ALL TIME FAVES (I wonder why………………….)

iWhore tee’s BLOW beanie

iWhore's BLOW beanies are GO

BLOW beanie hat, £18, iWhore Tees

(We also love the YELLOW beanie for PERFECT high summer neon pop)

Welcome x

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    You ladies look HAWT with your BLOW heads.

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      Natalie Wall

      You should have one too. And we should ALL wear them for our next Le Blow AGM.

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    LOL at ‘condom hats’ 🙂

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