33 #firstworldproblems I regularly have

In trying to practise more gratitude in my day-to-day life by feeling more thankful about the little things (at the end of every day I challenge myself to find three good things that have happened or that I’m grateful for. On particularly bad days, it can simply be the fact that I’m alive/woke up/have a job/blahblahblah). By doing this regularly, it has made me UBER aware of the flip-side, when I’m having a bit of a diva strop and being an ungrateful cow AKA #FIRSTWORLDPROBLEMS.

So, in order to publicly shame myself into being even more mindful, I thought I’d share some of the ridiculous things I’ve moaned about recently (if you follow me on Twitter, you’ll know they’re ALL true!)…

1. Having a too-hot latte from Starbucks. Especially when it’s still tastebud-scorchingly hot half an hour later.

2. Wanting to wear a pair of jeans with no rips but failing because you attacked every pair you own with scissors.

3. Spending a million pounds on a pair of bloody avocados.

4. When your so-called ‘smart’ phone regresses to, like, 2009 and gives you ZERO signal rendering you cold, useless and SO ALONE.

5. Trying to run for the bus in Birkenstocks. Fucking impossible.

6. Constantly catching the looped fringing of your floaty kimono on ERRRTING and/or dipping the sleeve in your peppermint tea.

7. Choking while eating granola. And having bits lodged ‘tween your teeth for the rest of all time.

8. Never EVER being able to find the crystal ball emoji straight away.

9. Being paralysed with indecision over which Instagram filter to use.

10. Going to the Farmer’s Market but forgetting to bring cash.

11. When your ASOS Collection service gets cancelled for the second day in a row.

12. Wondering whether you should buy a NutriBullet or a Sprializer. Or both.

13. Making a mushy mangled mess instead of courgetti with the aforementioned Sprializer.

14. Missing optimal tea-drinking temperature and slurping down disgusting icy-cold liquid instead. URGH.

15. Trying (and failing) to see your iPhone or Kindle screen while basking in the sunshine on holiday.

16. When you want to wear your fancy fedora hat and it’s too blaaaady windy.

17. Making tea in the office kitchen and not being able to find a teaspoon, EVER.

18. Not swallowing your daily multivitamin tablet properly and feeling it scrape every inch of your oesophagus as it slowly slides down your throat.

19. When it’s a lovely sunny day and you’ve left your sunglasses at home. WHAT A MISSED OPPORTUNITY.

20. Not being able to find Diptyque candles ANYWHERE in Selfridges so having to settle for a Jo Malone one instead.

21. Cutting your thumb while trying to open the plastic packaging housing your new toothbrush.

22. Turning down your work colleague’s offer of a cup of tea and instantly regretting your terrible decision. especially when she brings down biscuits for the smug tea drinker gang.

23. Mildly panicking when not being able to find your ‘frequent flyer’ number.

24. Going to take a photo on your iPhone and being told you’ve run out of storage space. Piss off.

25. When you can’t get the wifi password right on the first attempt. Or the ninth. And not wanting to ask for it again.

26. Or not being able to remember your iTunes password and having to reset it with a new one you haven’t used before and therefore are likely to forget next time you try and log in again.

27. Never being able to locate your personal banking ‘secure key’ (LOL) gadget.

28. Looking so goddamn horrif in your new passport pics that you’ll basically never be able to leave the county ever again.

29. Wearing western ankle boots to dress like a cowgirl in the Great Outdoors and getting mud on them.

30. Having to sit staring at your own reflection in the mirror while at the hairdressers for 358579845794857 hours.

31. Not being able to locate a Lebanese restaurant when you really fancy some delicious mezze.

32. When your restaurant bill would have been approximately 60% cheaper without all the wine you had.

33. Going to bed early but then realising it’s actually 1.30am by the time you’ve finished dicking about on your iPhone. Oh.



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    Alyaka | Niche Perfume

    LOL! I can relate with your ‘struggles’ and I’m sure that a lot of your followers would feel the same. These so-called 1st world problems may appear to be simple but can really affect one’s life especially when you are after getting comfort and convenience that you know you deserve. I don’t know if you will agree but in my opinion, ‘problems’ nowadays already come in various forms. 🙂

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