Style Bite // Looking Deee-Liteful: 60s fashion in the 90s

I felt pretty pleased with myself over the summer when I (cue #humblebrag) got snapped street style at a few festivals and, when asked to ‘sum up my style in three words, came up with:

60s meets 90s

Natalie Wall 60s in the 90s fashion - pondering this sartorial scenario post season, it has occured to me that there was a HUGE 60s fashion trend in the 90s – and that was the decade where I hit my teens and found my style niche. Coincidence much? I think not.

I had a paisley print stretchy fabric hair band, quilted zip-front A-line mini skirt, platform shoes and lycra polo-necks. I’d be SO on trend right now. In fact, without knowing it at the time, here my style muses; the girls who did 60s style IN THE ACTUAL 90s…

Deee-lite’s Lady Miss Kier

Lady Miss Kier 1990 London

Lady Miss Kier in Pam Hogg 1990

Deee-lite 1990

Miss Lady Kier and Deee-Lite

Lady Miss Kier 60s fashion in the 90s

Groove is in the Heart


Lady Miss Kier with Deee-Lite 1990

Lady Miss Kier Vogue Italia 1990The original, and some may say, the BEST. Deee-Lite’s Lady Miss Kier tuned into the more psychedelic side of the 60s, in her Pucci prints and sculptural John Fluevog heels. Kind of like a modern-day Anna Karina. She was the ultimate disco diva on the 90s New Yoiiik club scene and looked like a brilliant drag queen (I mean that in the most complimentary way). She’s still going strong now, in case you wondered. Check out her Facebook page (from where I pinched most of the pics). Isn’t she just FAB?

Betty Boo

Betty Boo white dress 90s

Betty Boo BW

I did – and still do – know all the words to Betty Boo’s Doin’ The Do. However it’s the spacey sci-fi video for Where Are You Baby that shows Alison Clarkson (you can see why she changed her name) at her 60s finest. Her style was more The Avengers or Julie Newmar as Catwoman in the 60s; all sexy catsuits and Mary Quant-style sharp bob. Her dancing was more 60s female Thuderbirds puppet, though; all stiff legs and wobbly head. What?

Kylie Minogue

Kylie Minogue 1990

Kylie Minogue 60s fashion in the 90s

A surprise entry (for those not in the know) but this is when I REALLY got into Kylie. I was already a fan from her squeaky clean Charlene Robinson/Stock Aitken Watrerman days, but it wasn’t until she started shagging Michael Hutchence that her inner 60s sex kitten was unleashed. The videos for her 90s hits like What Do I Have To Do and Shocked showcased a whole new side to Kylie. She was all Brigitte Bardot meets Edie Sedgwick plus extra phat 90s piano riffs. MY IDOL.

The B-52s

Cindy Wilson B52s hair bow

Music File Photos 1980s

Kate Pierson B-52s beehive

Kate Pierson The B-52s

The B-52s 90s

OK, so technically, Kate Pierson and Cindy Wilson from The B52s were probably actually around in the 60s (they’re no spring chickens)… but maybe that’s what made their take on the style so authentic? In particular, we’re all about Kate and her HUGE beehive, plus their slighty American ‘trailer trash’ approach to 60s style in the 90s. Yee-haw.

The groove will ALWAYS be in our hearts, right?

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