The Fringe 2012 at the Olympic Park

Blow Out (and about) // Olympics fun at The Fringe 2012 launch party

As London prepares for the Olympics 2012, The Fringe is preparing to party with it’s unique pop-up members club.

Located in a four-storey converted Victorian warehouse, you can get your groove on mere metres away from all the athletic action at the Olympic Park.

What: The Fringe 2012 preview launch
When: Friday 20th July 2012
Where: Swan Wharf, E3 2NG – just 100m (sprint) from the Olympic park’s Victoria Gate
Getting there: Hackney Wick station (or get a Water Chariot from Limehouse Basin or Tottenham Hale)

If the only Olympic activity you’ll be participating in is a marathon drinking session during London 2012, then The Fringe might be just the ticket. Especially seeing as none of us could get actual Olympics tickets, this is one way to get in on the action at Stratford  – and at least say you were ‘near’ the Olympics 2012 when the grandchildren ask.

The Fringe 2012 opening party

The Fringe is an urbane canalside club in Swan Wharf (a former stable for barge horses); a lounge bar slash restaurant slash music venue, with sexy big screens showing the Games, WiFi coffee lounge, cocktails from stylish drink experts Sweet&Chilli and foods from super cool cuisine creators Rhubarb. Pish posh.

The Fringe 2012 at the Olympic Park

It’s plush but pricey: £75 for day membership with unlimited access from 8am – 2am plus three free drinks and food.

Private suites are available for a cool £15,000 a day and the ooh-la-la penthouse, with a spacious roof terrace and concierge service, will only set you back £50,000 a day *splutters* Bit more expensive than your local Whetherspoons, then.

The Fringe 2012

However, the launch party is tomorrow night and tickets will *only* set you back a mere £40.

With live music from from Norman Jay, Joey Negro and Josh Osho plus deelish food and cocktails, limited tickets are still available if you head faster than Usain Bolt to


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    This sounds great but I suspect it would be full of posh twats every night.

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    No, the posh twats will be the ones leaving all the corporate seats empty at events. I think this actually sounds like good value for money, when you break it down.

    Amanda x

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