That Big Event in London AKA the anti-Olympic countdown // Ironic tote carriers unite

As all true Brits are well aware, the London 2012 Olympics wouldn’t be a truly British event if the weather wasn’t terrible, the organization a bit shambolic and everyone having a bloody good moan about it. Am I right?

Not to say that it won’t be AMAZING, our LEGACY, an EPIC HISTORICAL MOMENT (insert more Seb Coe soundbites where appropriate).

It’s just that like the weather, the 2012 Games gives people at the bus stop a good opportunity to bond with their fellow non-athletes when they simply can’t fit on the bus in rush hour.

So if you don’t have tickets to the 100 metres final or just fancy flagging up the fact your landlord’s kicked you out of your East London hovel for a month or two, then make a statement with a bit of 2012 anti-merch courtesy of That Big Event in London.

That Big Event in Loundon souvenir tote bags

Where there’s controversy, there’s an ironic tote bag waiting in the wings. Find comfort in that and the fact that someone out there (with a giant screen printer) is a winner – it could be ol’ Seb for all we know, cashing in on those well-off naysayers.

I mean, even if you don’t rate buying into the games then rest assured, there’s always another way to part with fifteen quid.

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    Brilliant. Just brilliant. Love the shit out of stuff like this.

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