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We, the Le Blow girls, gather on en masse on a regular basis, allegedly to discuss very important site stuff, but we never actually do that. We’re far more concerned about catching up on gossip, drinking too many cocktails and cackling loudly with laughter. Here’s the verdict on out latest jaunt in London’s Soho…

Soho // August 2011

Cay Tre > LVPO > St John Hotel > The Player


Cay Tre for dinner – cheap, good quality food, clean flavours and well enough cooked.  Everything had a good old kick about it and Health and Safety/Environmental Standards appear considerably higher than the Dalston alternatives. Which is always a good thing, I’m from Hertfordshire.

Initially given a shocker of a table, right by the door (for easy ejection perhaps), the problem was easily sorted with eyelashes and shimmy.  I knew my legs would come in useful that night.  We were doing them a favour anyway, as our new table was tucked away at the back, so we could squeal and boom as much as we liked.  I’m not going to go on about the food – I’ve never been to Vietnam so I can’t claim it was the ‘best I’ve had since that market in Hanoi’.

More over, I don’t know what you like to eat, I’m sure you can choose for yourself perfectly well when you get there.  But it’s generally good with swift service, perfect for a pre-party chomp leaving you stimulated but not (wallet) raped.

Cay Tre, 42-43 Dean Street, London W1 //

Tottered off to LVPO, necked a round of cosmopolitans then onto the St John Hotel Bar for excellent cocktails. They are all worthwhile, but at some point in your life have the sour and the margarita. Understated glasses filled with lucious liquids. It was pleasantly un-busy in their bar, verging on quiet – I have no idea why, as their drinks and snacks are brilliant.

What’s it like inside? Ferries and dentist waiting rooms were mentioned. It is a bit unusual, but I like it and I’d still go even if it was covered in cow pats as the food and snacks are, as I said, brilliant. It’s very clean too. A theme is emerging.  A big bowl of pork scratchings came to our table, held by Johnny who was looking very James Bond, perking up our evening up immediately.

St John Hotel, 1 Leicester St, London, WC2H 7BL //


We finished ourselves off at The Player. What an underrated place. Particularly in Soho. Super drinks. Especially the Popbitch cocktail to share, which come with GLACIER CHERRIES, and lovely staff who even brought us a little bowl of the glacier cherries cos we loved them so much (they’re the new olives, you know). We squealed, boogied and boomed some more. Departure time: a very civilised 12.30am. For most.

The Player, 8 Broadwick Street, Soho, London W1F 8HN //

The following mornings debrief revealed that on the way home the other Ruth fell off the curb and hurt her ankle, someone got on the wrong bus, and Karmel and I headed to Brick Lane for a chewy salty Bagel, which was of course delicious. I really should go and eat there when I’m sober. It’s probably disgusting.

So how good was Le Blow Out in Soho? Fuck Michelin Stars. The only stars I’m interested in are Gold Stars. This is how it works: it is possible to get zero and the most I would give is probably 5.

So, Le Blow Out Soho: 4 stars ****
(Cay Tre: 3 plus a very good, LVPO: 2 (dodgy Cosmos I’m afraid), St John Hotel and The Player: 5).  That’s about 4 in total.

DISCLAIMER // Le Blow tries to pay for nothing and opinions will be swayed by freebies. If something’s good though, we will pay. We’re not cheap.

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