Blow Out (and about) // The bigger picture: our five favourite alternative film venues

Why make seeing a flick at your local crusty picture house a hungover, rainy day, time-filler when you can DOUBLE the fun by having a whole new film experience?


Here’s Le Blow’s top film venue tip-offs without a bucket of stale, overpriced popcorn in sight…

1. Rooftop Film Club at the Queen of Hoxton

Rooftop Film Club at the Queen of Hoxton

This sell-out season of film on top of the urban paradise that is the Queen of Hoxton’s roof opens from the end on this month and screens cult, classic and new releases. Highlights for May include Back to the Future, Coming to America and The Never Ending Story. Everyone wears earphones so you can completely zone out whilst you enjoy a beer wrapped in blankets as the sun goes down.


2. The Yard

Films at The Yard

London’s only warehouse cinema (films ran till the middle of this month before the start of a go-see theatre programme), The Yard can be found hidden around the corner from Hackney Wick station. Decked out in chairs reclaimed from the Olympic site, with a space at the front to lie on cushions and take in the action if your prefer that sleepover vibe. The Yard Bar opens before and after the film so you can make a proper night of it rather than shuffle out for the bus as the credits roll.


3. The Old Vic Tunnels

The Old Vic Tunnels

Worth a trip for the dark atmospheric tunnels under Waterloo alone. My last visit was to watch The Plague of The Zombies during The Old Vic’s amazingly camp Hammer Horror season. The tunnels are well known for their great club nights and one-off exclusives; Irvine Welsh presented a talk after an exclusive screening of his book adaption, Ecstasy, last week.


4. Somerset House


Each summer the fountain court holds a twelve day series of films with ginormous screen and full surround sound. Book now with the girls for Thelma and Louise or score boy brownie points by booking a Martini and Bond night with The Spy Who Loved Me.


5. The Alibi Film Club

The Alibi Film

This fail-safe late night bar on the Kingsland Road has a cosy back bar perfect for alternative Monday nights. Specialising in student camp horrors and geeky cult classics. Try the likes of Army of Darkness or Slumber Party Massacre for size.


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    Film Buff

    ive been to the yard, but would like to checkout some of the others, dont they also do those themed nights at the old vic tunnels too?

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