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Leanne Bayley

Christmas gift ideas 2013 // For the I-want-what-she’s-got-on-Instagram girl

Christmas gift ideas for women who covet the celebrity lifestyle… or maybe just their style. Usually suffering from a serious case of Fashion FOMO, no thanks to Insta-stalking the best-dressed A-Listers around… Larsson & Jennings Lader watch Search ‘Larsson & Jennings’ on Instagram and you’ll be desperate for a sleek and sophisticated time piece. I […]

(Unexpected) Fashspiration of the Week // Cilla Black had a LORRA LORRA style

We have no idea what’s come over us, but Cilla Black’s been bloody everywhere recently (she must have a book out), and we’ve suddenly realised how effin’ epic her Blind Date wardrobe was. Yeah, it came as a surprise (surprise) to us, too! The stylish Scouser, who played cupid with perm-loving girls and socially inept […]