(Unexpected) Fashspiration of the Week // Cilla Black had a LORRA LORRA style

We have no idea what’s come over us, but Cilla Black’s been bloody everywhere recently (she must have a book out), and we’ve suddenly realised how effin’ epic her Blind Date wardrobe was.

Yeah, it came as a surprise (surprise) to us, too!

The stylish Scouser, who played cupid with perm-loving girls and socially inept fellas in the 80s and 90s had one helluva STRONG look. Not convinced? Here’s our Graham with a quick recap (sorrynotsorry)…

1. She’s the Queen of Co-ords

Thought the ACTUAL Queen – or maybe Caroline Flack – held this title? Nuh-uh. Cilla Black reigns supreme on the matchy-matchy front. Take away the unsightly shoulder-pads, and perhaps tighten up the skirts ever-so-slightly, and those matching ensembles she used to wear every Saturday night would totally be hanging in our wardrobes today.



2. Fluorescent power suits

Redheads take note. There’s no need to play it safe with colour – in Cilla’s Blind Date hey-day she wore every shade of the rainbow. And she did it with style and grace – and often with matching shoes. Impressive shit.

4-Cilla-Black-fashion3. Cilla’s killer heels

You never saw Cilla on screen sans a pair of beaut pointy shoes – she often matched them to her two-piece suit AND her lippy. Man, she was cool.


4. A lorra lorra repetition (repetition)

Y’know how Kate Moss sort of sticks to what she knows, style-wise? The skinny jeans, the simple tee, blazer and scarf? Well much like Kate, Cilla had her trademark look – those two-piece suits – and wore different versions every week. Well, if it ain’t broke and that…


And it wasn’t just her Blind Date wardrobe that was wow-worthy – her Surprise Surprise style was spot-on, too! This fluffy jumper and leather trousers combo is so RIGHT NOW IT HURTS.


Cilla Black’s rules of life…

And after doing our research on the 70-year-old TV treasure *cough* Googling her *cough*, we’ve decided we love Our Cilla for MORE than just her 90s wardrobe.

First of all, she’s a total party animal:

When I’m on a roll I don’t want to go home. I went to Ronnie’s 60th birthday party and was up all night dancing with Kate Moss.


She’s also well wise when it comes to fashion:

I’m not a size eight but I can fit into a 10. And it doesn’t bug me if I put on a size 12. Wear what looks good. Size doesn’t matter.

She has an excellent attitude to dating:

Younger men have the energy but normally they don’t have the intellect. And I have a rule: Not to date anyone I could have given birth to!

10-Cilla-Black-fashionAnd she ain’t plastic fantastic:

I would consider surgery. Absolutely. Anything that helps But it’s definitely attitude and confidence that attract men. If you can pull without a facelift, why bother?

Finally, here’s a rule she swears by (and so should we!):

Years ago I thought, ‘I’m as common as muck but I want to be like Joan Collins’. I followed her and I’ve literally copied her. As I get older I think, ‘What would Joan do?’

We say, forget Joan! Our new mantra in a sticky sitch is now going to be: WHAT WOULD CILLA DO? Right?

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