Christmas gift ideas 2013 // For the girl who rides (not like THAT)

Christmas gift ideas for women who want to ride their bicycle; they want to ride their b-i-k-e…

Alex Monroe bicycle necklace

alex monroe bicycleBike jewellery usually falls into two categories; cutesy, vintage penny farthing pieces or jewellery actually made out of recycled bits of bike. The latter especially offends me. Jewellery designer Alex Monroe is a keen cyclist and has made a necklace based on his own Bianchi racer complete with spinning wheels.

Alex’s Bianchi Bicycle, £168,

A Humbug bike


This Bobbin Birdie Humbug is the opposite of bah humbug. Perfect for cruising around town and giving off Mary Quant vibes.

Bobbin Birdie / Humbug, £399,

Belted padlock

HIPLOK_LITE_LT1_BP-750x750Designed to wear around your waist while you ride, these locks are lightweight enough to be comfortable but strong enough to not have to go and check on your bike every 12 seconds.

Hiplok Lite, £44.99,

Reflective Shoe Fringes


Just because they make your shoes all fancy pants. Oh and they are reflective so they do that too.

Lflect Reflective Fringed Shoe Flaps, £18,

Hot male cyclists calendar


Featuring men of the world tour peloton stripped of their bikes and Lycra, posing for charities including women’s cycling. Because beginning the year with Alex Dowsett (aka Mr January) rubbing on fake tan in front of his Mercedes can only mean 2014 is going to be amazing.

Pro Tour Pin Ups Calendar, £10,

Hollywood Rides a Bike

Hollywood Rides a Bike: Cycling with the Stars

After a 26 mile round commute in the cold and rain I like to look at some people doing it with style. You know, without mud up their backs and their right trouser leg tucked into their socks.

Hollywood Rides a Bike £12.46,

Swish Swatch

par-lon swatch

Anything waterproof is a cyclist’s friend. This watch is great on so many levels, I love maps so its monochrome cartographic design is a bit hit in my eyes. Also, I just cycled from London to Paris so this watch would give me a chance to bring that up that story. Did I mention I just cycled from London to Paris?

Swatch PAR-LON Watch, £47.50,

Fibre Flare


I’m really good at forgetting to take my lights off my bike. Thieves aren’t so good. This one clips on to your bag or jacket and is crazy visible to everyone but you. Hence people in restaurants telling me ‘You’re flashing’.

Fibre Flare £20,

Bike Screen Print

bike screen print

This limited edition signed and numbered print is my favourite, I just love the vinyl visual mash up. If you like this so much you want to wear it, she also has T-shirts.

Rebecca J Kaye I Want To Ride My Bike Screen Print, £30,

Bern Lenox Helmet


This is my favourite style of helmet. The peak keeps the sun out of your eyes and the rain off your face. I love the equestrian vibe it gives off.

Bern Lenox Helmet, £49.99,

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