Salt and Pepper Robot Pots

Christmas gift ideas 2013 // For the girl with geeky tomboy tendencies

Christmas gift guide for girls who are boys who like boys to be girls who do boys like they’re girls who do girls like they’re boys. What?

The super cool cans

Beats by Dre Dre  rose gold headphones

These limited edition Mixr headphones from Beats by Dr. Dre are the absolute shizzle. Not only do they look the part – totally feelin’ rose gold right now, ain’t you? – but the sound definition is second to none. Designed for DJs, the fancy-pants full 270° pivot radius will impress people (on the commute), too.

BEATS BY DRE rose gold Mixr headphones, £219,

The anarchic accessories

Great Frog Skull ear studsI love me some stylish skullduggery and these silver skull studs will complement my McQueen kuckleduster a treat. Garrrrrr.

Skull Ear Studs, £50,

The streamlined sneaks

Adidas Stan Smith trainersI’m a big fan of Stan – Stan Smith sneaks, that is. While my love for Nike Air Max 90 will never, ever die, the minimalistic vibes of these one-time tennis shoes really appeals. Give the gift of an I.O.U. for the new update dropping in January 2014, or in the meantime pick up an old skool pair for cheaps.

Stan Smith trainers, around £35,

The sporty slogan tee

Nike logo T-shirt

Not sure why I’ve taken a sudden sporty swerve, but I’m a-lovin’ the 90s feel of this Nike T-shirt. Not for working out in, but looking COOL in, obvy.

Nike Logo T-Shirt, £20,

The robot pots

Salt and Pepper Robot Pots

I already have the classic Sergeant Pepper and Corporal Salt Pots. And Space Invader ones. But these little fellas are kinda cool too.

Salt & Pepper Robot Pots, £12,

The dino knit

ASOS stripe jumper with dinosaur

This nifty knit, with its monochrome stripe and angry dinosaur motif, ticks a helluva lot of boxes for me. I’ll probably buy it for myself, if nobody else does.

Striped dinosaur knit, £35,

The beige diet socks

Lazy Oaf cheesey feet burger socks

My usual (somewhat beige) diet, surmised in sock format. Genius. I want to eat them, though.

Cheesy Feet Socks, £8,

The minions strike back

despicable me 2 minions dvd If I can’t get an actual Minion for Christmas *stamps foot* then the DVD will have to do.

Despicable Me 2, £14,

The nostalgic personalised print

Little Miss Natalie personalised print Selfridges

Geeks like me love personalised shit. It makes us feel special. Especially nostalgic stuff like this, which gets me yearning for my lost yoof.

Personalised Mr Men prints, from £14.99,

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