Pamela Love fashion film Crystal Renn -

Fashspiration of the week // Crystal Renn is a fashion forest fairy; we’re nymphomaniacs.

Start burning the incense and stacking some heavy silver now. Our fave jewellery designer, Pamela Love has made her first fashion film starring Crystal Renn as an over-accessorised woodland nymph.

Pamela Love fashion film Crystal Renn -

The video, to promote the Love’s SS13 collection, has been created with only the most ethereal references in mind. Renn, in a nude slip and dreamlike state, flails around in the woods whilst finding some rather lovely jewellery to wear.

She cradles a cute bunny and dances round a campfire with her dark twin, then gets a bit sweaty and wide-eyed before awaking again.

A slightly cliched storyboard? Yes, but the casting of Renn and the delicate Devendra Benhart melody compensate beautifully.

Reference-wise, think Lili in 1985 fantasy flick, Legend; a hippy Stevie Nicks; Alice in Wonderland; SS13 YSL; the brothers Grimm and Pamela Love herself for aesthetic inspiration.

Lili in 1985 fantasy film Legend -

Stevie Nicks 70s gypsy -

Talisman-like treasures, otherworldly beauty and a touch of gothic magic make for some bewitching viewing.


Time to become woodland nymphomaniacs. Sort of.

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