Mystic Meg

Fashspiration of the week // Mystic Meg: Intergalactic! Planetary! Planetary! Intergalactic!

Now I’m sure you’re already more than familiar with the fact we have a *slight* obsession with the 90s here at Le Blow (link to past 876980 posts on 90s style), however we have all of a sudden taken a turn TO THE DARK SIDE *scary lightening flash sound and cackling noise* as AW12 trends have landed us slap bang in Mystic Meg territory.

Mystic Meg

Harking back to my early teens when I would stencil gold suns and moons onto anything that stayed still long enough (sorry small sister; sorry cat), and adorn myself with various healing and peace crystals (ahem, through my belly button. WHAT that’s TOTES how white witches did it in Essex) and wafted incense around, um…. incessantly. LOL.

Now, less light as a feather, stiff as a board (*ahem* more heavy as an elephant, wobbly like jelly) however Autumn’s 90s trends move through grunge and SMASH STRAIGHT INTO HALLOWEEN, so here’s our guide to our favourite mystical trend-inspired pieces.

* * * cue dream sequence music * * *


We are digging anything nature inspired with a gothic twist, think animals and stones. Sure.

Our FAVOURITE gothic jeweller Steven Webster has a new collection to DIE (kill? Hex?) for, if crab claw bracelets in white gold with black diamonds and blue sapphires is up your street… and his famous astro ball pendants are also majorly covet- sorry I mean COVETABLE.

However if you don’t have a cool £200- £20,000 at your disposal (AND IF YOU DO WILL YOU PLEASE BUY ME ONE. GO ON) then Urban Outfitters have a great array of occult inspired pendants (I’m currently wearing a casual four all at once. Baller.)

Halloween fashion mystic pendantsL-R:
Evil Twin Infinity Moon Pendant, £22
House Of Harlow Skull Vile Necklace, £112
Pyrite Moon Pendant, £18

See also Toppers for excellent stone rings, and raid your jewellery box for ANYTHING with a Yin Yang on it, plus mood stones if you can get your mitts on them (all of Le Blow HQ know to give me a particularly wide birth when my mood ring turns a shade they refer to as ‘Ming the Merciless’).

Ming the Merciless

Evil Twin

Generally loving EVERYTHING Evil Twin is doing right now, but current favourites are this moon knit jumper (£75, ASOS) and this VELVET  galaxy skater dress (yeah you heard – £88, Urban Outfitters):

Evil Twin collage


Vampy lips A GO GO. Stylespiration: Fairuza Balk in 90s witch flick The Craft.

Go for berries, purples, as dark as you dare. JUST BEWARE that late night kebab stops + poison berry lippy = less Mystic Meg and more Shaun of the Dead.

Try Illamasqua’s Generation Q in ‘Underworld’ (£16, ASOS):

Illamasqua-Generation-Q-LipstickAnd some of the AW12 Kate Moss Rimmel shades are pretty moody too. OR dig out your old skool Heather Shimmer IF YOU DARE.

Nails-wise I’m all over MAC’s Mean & Green right now, however as it appears they only made approx three bottles of the stuff (cue twenty minute conversation with sales assistant explaining several times to me what limited edition means, THANKS  LOVE *nail-related hissy fit* Topshop’s ‘Lead’ is also excellent.

MAC Mean and Green nail polishOr y’know, just go full on thunder nails as per Le Blow Editor Nat (courtesy of @nailsbyMH). Why not? They’re not ALL her hands, obvs.

thunder nails

Best of the Rest…

AKA other mystical-inspired bits we’re loving…

Wildfox galaxy cat tee (£85, Urban Outfitters). Because it has a galaxy cat on it. ‘Nuff said.

Wildfox oversized galaxy tee

Topshop lace maxi skirt (£46). YES, JUST YES (see also Topshop for an array of feathery boyfriend-terrifying items).

Topshop lace maxi skirtVelvet burnout leggings, £28 from UO (which insidentally sounds a bit like UFO = galactic and that).

Burnout leggings

Studded Dr Marten boots (£275, Urban Outfitters). TELL ME ABOUT IT. STUD.

Dr Martens studded boots

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