Just peachy // Sleek MakeUP: the lazy girl’s guide to cheating glowing skin

Let’s face it, most of us look and feel a darn sight perkier with a little bit of blush or bronzer on the cheeks. I know
that I look pretty deathly without a swab of colour in the morning and it’s definitely become a bit of a ‘can’t live without’ of mine since discovering late nights, booze and fags.

Kate Bosworth apricot cheeks

This year it’s all about apricots. More peaches than cream, accessorize a subtly matte (think Farrah Fawcett, less TOWIE) tan with a swipe of fruity warmth which suits every skin tone and is piss-easy to apply.

Seen on the cheeks of a plethora of beauties walking for designers such as Carolina Herrara, Preen and Matthew Williamson, this mouth-watering tone is massively flattering as well as easily adaptive whether you’re dark and exotic (wel jel) or pale and interesting (that’s me – more pale than interesting, but thank fuck for fake tan, eh?).

So, without any further wittering on from me, give a warm welcome and a hi-five to my NBFF, Sleek MakeUP. Their limited edition trio blusher, ‘Blush By 3’ compact in ‘Lace’ has firmly established itself in my spring make-up routine and I bloody love it.

Sleek MakeUP Blush by 3 compact palettes

From the minimal, premium looking packaging, to the large viewing mirror that comes built into the compact, it makes my manic morning slap regime (new PB, currently down to 15 minutes… what? That’s well good isn’t it?!) even easier.

Sleek MakeUP’s new ‘Blush By 3’ perky palettes of corals and peaches will gradually ease you into achieving sun-blushed skin, without financially crippling you with it’s purse-friendly price tag of £10. There are four palette variations to pick from.

I went for the ‘Lace’ palette for my pale but sallowy-verging-on-sometimes-jaundice skin, which includes ‘Chantilly’ (the shade I’m currently using now as it gives my cheeks a much needed lift), ‘Guipure’ and ‘Crochet’.

Sleek MakeUP lace blush by 3 trio compact‘Guipure’ has a gorgeous iridescent tone to it, and although a bit scary looking (but don’t be scared to use it), ‘Crochet’ transfers beautifully onto the apples of your cheeks and is definitely one of those universal, suits-all tones. It’s up to you how far you take it.

See? Everything’s just peachy, isn’t it?

Shop Sleek MakeUP’ s Limited Edition ‘Blush by 3’ collection at sleekmakeup.com orrrr try Superdrug stores.

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