Le Blow at Bestival 2012

Le Blow reviews the Motorola Razr Maxx // AKA Bestival ruined us, but not this smartphone!

So last weekend Le Blow trotted off to Bestival with nothing but a snazzy new smartphone – the Motorola Razr Maxx – courtesy of the Carphone Warehouse (and six suitcases full of feathery accessories. Obviously).

Le Blow at Bestival 2012

We were tasked with testing out the new Motorola Razr Maxx, the smartphone with what they reckon to be the longest battery life, so who better to, erm, well… batter it than us. In a field for three days. In fancy dress. With copious amounts of turbo ciders. It’s a hard job, but somebody’s got to do it. Hello!

Well, we are happy to report… it survived! Which is more than our tent (and, ahem our dignity) and not only did the device not end up smashed to smithereens/flushed down a Portaloo/swapped for a plate of cheesy chips, BUT the battery only gave up the goat at approx 4pm on Sunday afternoon – having last been charged at around lunchtime on Friday. Which we calculate to be approx 897432457 times longer than our iPhones*

Razr Maxx 1-0 Le Blow (snarky faces revoked)

HOWEVER. One major factor in this was the fact that the second we set foot off the ferry we had, like, ZERO internet access until we stepped back onto dry land at Portsmouth Harbour again. Meh.

To be fair, not a fault of the phone itself, but the network/3G (to be fair ALL NETWORKS, ALL NETWORKS ARE TO BLAME and I am inventing a portable festival pylon AS I TYPE. To be worn on the head and accessorized with baubles. Ohaaaaii boys.)

So, online we were not.

BUT we did take eighty bazillion pictures and forty lot of videos… and the camera on this thing is RUDDY PHENOMENAL For close up stage shots as the zoom is positively bionic. However close up self portrait shots  – not so good. And after two nights in a tent believe me a close up of my face is NOT WHAT ANYONE NEEDS. No amount of  double-Instagramming (you heard) could make that better.

Also the phone life was pretty excellent (there’s nothing like phoning your best mate in LA at 2am from the Drambuie tent and passing her round to two guys dressed as Bradley Earwiggins to talk to. Yeah that).

Le Blow at Bestival 2012

So we had a nice time. The phones had a nice time. And we all made it back safe and sound (in body if not in mind).

Here’s a collection of our Best of All Bestival moments – all  on said swanky new Motorola Razzr Maxx smartphone. God we’re good.

Zane Lowe at Bestival 2012Zane Lowe in the big top tent on Friday night warming the crowd up before SBTRKT (who were also excellent), followed by 2manydjs. WHAT a way to start the weekend.

Mr Motivator (twice, don’t judge us) WITH sink the pink as backing dancers. GENIUS. There’s nothing like a field of 30,000 people all ‘riding the horse’ at 1pm on a Saturday afternoon to lift that hangover.

Le Blow at Bestival 2012

The Benefit tent, and getting our zebra makeup done by the wonderful Lisa (Trend and Brow expert and current Le Blow girl-crush. Schwiiiiiing)

Le Blow at Bestival 2012

Le Blow at Bestival 2012

Bouncing about to the Cuban Brothers dressed as zebras next to two girls with upside down laundry baskets on their heads (jellyfish, obvs), a cow, and Terry Nutkins (RIP).

Le Blow at Bestival 2012

Saturday night was spent galloping around between Annie Mac presents in the Big Top, and having a dance off with the Essex Lion in the Drambuie tent. Normal.

Bat For Lashes on the main stage on Sunday afternoon. AH-MAY-ZING. Florence, YOU ARE DUMPED.

This Guy.

Le Blow at Bestival 2012

N.B we did such a GREAT JOB of the above that I’ve now decided to promote myself to Le Blow’s new Gadget Girl.

If this was a lad’s mag this would be accompanied with a picture of me sucking on the end of a pair of specs with my nether regions covered by a iPad, but as it’s Le Blow I’m working on my new avatar as me as a TRANSFORMER or comedy image of me stuck INSIDE a computer screen. GENIUS. So if you need anything tested – Le Blow style – then get in contact and let’s see what the most expensive thing I can break is we can do.

If you’ve been swayed by the smartest of all smartphones and fancy getting your mitts on a Motorola Razr Maxx, head over to the Carphone Warehouse, available from £20.50 per month on loadsa networks.

*may not be a totally accurate calculation but you get the idea

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