Louis Vuitton SS13 double trouble

Micro-trends: it takes two // AKA double the fashion fun

As a rule of thumb, editors, bloggers and fashion hangers-on all own more stuff than they even know what to do with.

In between appointments those troopers are coping with changeable weather, uncomfortable shoes and trying to tick every trend box in the process. The doubling up micro-trend has essentially grown from this combination of flashy consumerism and practical necessity.

Also, some things just work better as pairs.

Louis Vuitton SS13 twins

Think Mert and Marcus, Dolce & Gabbana or Mary-Kate and Ashley for timeless style of the power of two. In the fashion world, doubling up on standard single pieces and statement accessories is an easy way to show you get the maths.

jacket over shoulders trend

Try two jackets rather than a coat by teaming your usual leather biker with a bomber or varsity style on your shoulders.

Rather than dragging out a huge shoulder bag (soo last century), stuff a day clutch and carry a blinging (please don’t mug me) iPad case next to it.

Going all ADR with statement earrings and giant neck jewels also ups the ultra-fashion camp fun factor.

Louis Vuitton SS13 double trouble

Finally, take the idea to it’s literal conclusion (think Louis Vuitton’s SS13 show) by sharing matchy matchy looks with a style-twin friend. Guaranteed double exposure.

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