10 Reasons Why… you *should* get drunk // As if we needed any excuses

Online presenter Emily Hartridge AKA ‘internet sensation’ AKA as fancied by Russell Brand (and admitedly we have a birrova girl crush on her) AKA guest blogger (or should that be, ‘vlogger’) for Le Blow is BACK.

This week: 10 Reasons Why… you should get drunk.

Emily Hartridge presents 10 Reasons Why

This is a topic I feel very strongly about. But before you watch this video, I would like to confirm that I am not advocating alcoholism.

I am merely giving you a light hearted view on why I think we should all get drunk, because let’s face it… the world is just a funner (not a word but seems fitting) place.


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    Sarah Logan

    Ha ha, very good and very true (unfort for me I can relate to ALL of these reasons…)

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