Wayne Thiebaud pop art cakes

Power to Generation M // Landscapes with Lily Vanilli: Have your cake and film it

To mark the launch of the nifty new EOS M camera, Canon asked five pretty spesh talents (who they’re calling ‘Generation M’, a bit like the Brat Pack of the 80s, right?) – for their fresh new take on old skool traditional photography.

Each contributor was tasked with embarking on a creative journey through time and space, er, to bring their ideas to life by creating an original piece of work, and using their camera to capture the essence of the final creation.

It’s a shame *I* wasn’t asked to participate. Like my Instagram feed, there’d probably be a lot of pies and shoes involved. WELL arty.

You can see all five vids here, but we thought we’d showcase our particular fave for your enjoyment (it involves cake, and lots of) and to get your own creative juices flowing (as well as your tastebuds a-tingling).

It’s by London-based baker Lily Vanilli, who not only has an EXCELLENT name, based around 90s singing duo Milli, but is also a bit of a whizz in the kitchen – a creator of cakes, if you will.

Wayne Thiebaud pop art cakes

Inspired by Wayne Thiebauld’s pop-art paintings of mass-produced food (above), baker Lily trawls Indian sweet shops and unusual cake shops, searching for visual references to spark her project.

The end result is a Thiebauld inspired cake installation of artisan, individual cakes (if anyone’s interested, mine would have been carefully arranged Alphabet Fries spelling out passages in Sanskrit).

Cool, huh? Doesn’t it make you want to go out and be all creative (maaaan)? Or it least Instagram your beige lunch with a wacky filter? Go on, GO CRAZY.

See the rest of the vids at vice.com/en_uk/canon-presents-generation-m and shop for the Canon EOS M kit at canon.co.uk.

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    This is awesome! And they should totes have asked you.

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      Ha! Thanks Lucie. Though we probably would have ended up taking pictures on a drunken night out, making a face from left over kebab on the way back home… 😉

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    Cool vid! x

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    Nice video, though they could have picked someone with a bit more personality?

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