Susan Boyle covers Depeche Mode // We enjoyed the silence more…

Hmmm. On paper, it doesn’t sound good, does it?
Susan Boyle covering Depeche Mode’s Enjoy the Silence? Shut arrrrrp.
Especially when the song in question is one of my all time favourite tunes. EVER. Step away from the DM track, Boyle. Walk away.

Released in 1990, it’s a Depeche Mode classic – and this isn’t the first time it’s been covered. Tori Amos had a go in 2001, but she just sounded a bit like Kate Bush singing in the shower. With a piano.

Anyway, have a listen to Susan Boyle’s attempt here (no official video as of yet so feel free to look away from the rather odd montage of our Susan casually leaning on a church gate)…

No, not Su-Bo’s face – her version of the song.
Apparently, DM’s Martin Gore originally penned it as a slow ballad in C minor, so perhaps this interpretation isn’t so far off the mark. I’ve got to say, I think I quite like it. Or am I now in some kind of hypnotic trance? There’s no denying Boyle’s got a belter of a voice, used to whimsical perfection here; she sounds distant and slightly unhinged (which I guess she sort of is, but you know what I mean). Eery, ain’t it?

Here’s the original DM track below – I can’t talk about the video ‘cos I’m still peeved at MYSELF for not dressing up as Dave Gahan here for this year’s Bestival – a king’s cloak and a crown, plus a handy deckchair for when it all gets a bit too much. Fail!

Your thoughts please?

Taken from Susan’s forthcoming third album Someone to Watch Over Me, out 1st November 2011

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    Depeche Mode by a million miles, I am sick of xfactor people constantly mullering boss tunes the list is endless and there is no clever re invention or re interpretation of said tunes,they are blended together in this homoogenised dross. Stop now BOYLE and stick to Evita or Cats or whatever purile pap you normally catawall into peoples ears.

    Rant over… Soz

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      Su-Bo was Britain’s Got Talent… but same difference, eh? It shows they might have a voice but ironically, they ain’t got the songwriting talent…

      PS LULZ @ ‘Evita or Cats’

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    Nat I have never seen a single second of either shite, hence my Ignorance on said matters check out Plastic Youth on You Tube thats a bit more real.

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