Holy hell balls! // There’s a whole lotta hotties in Batman: The Dark Knight Rises

We’re excited about the forthcoming Batman film, The Dark Knight Rises. In fact, we haven’t been this excited about a Batman release since our 90s man crush Chris O’Donnell got involved as Robin:

Batman and Robin Chris O'Donnell

The folks over at Lazy Oaf started it with their uh-MAZING Batman-inspired collection. Le Blow’s Amy has already bought half of the range.

Then the Dark Knight Rises premiere happened in New York this week and holy hell balls, Batman! There’s a whole lotta hunkage in this movie!

Batman Dark Knight Premiere hot male cast

Christian Bale

Yes, we know he’s renown for his ‘fiery’ personality, but that sort of makes us fancy him more. I mean, we took a shine to him as Wall Street serial killer and sexual sadist Patrick Bateman in American Psycho, so a little temper tantrum every now and then is fine by us. Grrrr! Woof. Etc.

Tom Hardy

Another fella who can do no wrong, in our eyes. We first clocked him as Handsome Bob in Guy Ritchie movie RocknRolla, and even playing baldie mentalist Bronson didn’t put us off. He can’t half bulk up when required to for a movie role – for Bronson he packed on three stone of pure brawn for the part – and he’s looking p-r-e-t-t-y buff again as baddie Bane in the new Batman film. A proper hunka chunka burning love.

Joseph Gordon-Levitt

N’awww, we recall wee Joseph in outsize hound film, Beethoven. Remember that? He was also in one of our fave 90s films, 10 Things I Hate About You, though it wasn’t until we saw him some ten years later, suited and booted in Inception that we realised wotta hottie he’d become. We note he didn’t have a date for the premiere and we’d just like to let JGL know that we’re available. Any time. For future events. So. Yeah.

Call us *does phone-receiver-to-ear-impression like they do when begging for votes in X Factor*

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    Never been interested in Batman until now. Funny that…

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