Vic and Bob save the day…

Those riots were a bit of a hoot weren’t they? Well, maybe if you weren’t looting or setting fire to some poor family’s legacy, but if you were a.) a hooded adolescent with a lifetime’s supply of Nando’s loyalty cards or b.) Vic and Bob off the telly, then you were probably feeling a little bit pumped.

Hitting the refresh button on Facebook for news updates on how my friends were doing Monday evening (‘Need Ragu sauce. Shop’s closed ‘cos of riots innit’. I need new friends) as a fleet of morons attempted to climb into a riot van outside my gaffe, an odd thing occurred. Among the damning ‘this country is going to hell in a hand basket’ type stuff, there filtered through a series of FB friends urging people to watch Shooting Stars. I mean, who isn’t partial to a bit of surreal comedy feat. Matt Lucas? But was amidst a Children Of Men scenario the best time to bring up a comedy around ten years old? Turns out, it was!  Two aging comics and Ulrika Johnson increasingly Ronseal hued skin is EXACTLY what the nation craves in times of abject terror, disgust and disappointment at a city’s demise. Who knew?

Over the last few days, the Vic and Bob Phenomenon (C) has continued, as one friend sat me down the next evening to show me the duo’s entire back catalogue of sketches featured on the Fosters website, which I never knew existed. It’s surprisingly good. Check it out here if like me, you’re a little late to the party. Anyway, by the night’s end, I was quoting V&B characters Charity Pete and Mr Shakamoto like a die-hard fan. Then, last night what do I hear coming from the living room? My flatmate  – totally unaware of my previous night’s Fosters antics – showing HIS friend the Mr. Shakamoto sketch. This hard, solid evidence has lead me to believe there is now a Vic and Bob epidemic spreading across the nation. Yup, that’s right. A latter day Batman and Robin, right? Right?? Let’s hope they’re around for the inevitable WWIII…

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