Helena Bonham Carter as Miss Havisham

Fashspiration of the week // Miss Havisham: our favourite miserable, chalky faced style icon

With wedding season in full swing, the best jilted bride ever is to be be exhumed (again) for another bitterness-fuelled pop at everlasting love.

That’s right Dickens fans – the new trailer for the latest adaptation of Great Expectations hit the web this week, starring Helena Bonham Carter as Miss Havisham.

Helena Bonham Carter as Miss Havisham

If you feel like you’re always the bridesmaid or simply hate every engaged couple that you cross paths with, then take this chalky-faced battle-ax as a miserably stylish sartorial inspiration.

Lucky for our crusty muse, goth stylings and lashes of lace were plentiful on the AW catwalks. Dolce & Gabbana featured sheer, ornate fabrics in a luxurious palette of gold, creams and black. Perfect for decades of broken-hearted mourning at your grand decaying banquet table.


High necks, heavy velvet and rich, layered silks make a dark romantic statement and will gather dust nicely. Lace trimmed face veils looked the part and are great for hiding underneath whilst squawking, ‘Love her Pip!’ in a crazed, desperate fashion.

Celebrities that have channelled Havisham’s eccentric ghostly style include Bonham Carter herself off-duty, Daphne Guinness, Mary-Kate Olsen and crazy-in-love Courtney Love, in her trademark grubby lace.

Courtney Love white lace dress

Sure, the old crone could do with a bath, a splash of fabric conditioner and a bit of male attention, but if she’s passed any valuable lesson onto Estella, it’s how to face life’s disappointments with high-drama dressing, whatever the occasion.

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