Fashspiration of the week // Sandy from Grease – tell me about it, stud.

All the talk of Hurricane Sandy recently has got us thinking about another bad Sandy – as played by Olivia Newton-John in the LEGENDARY 1978 film, Grease.

Sandy and the cast of Grease

We don’t need to tell you the storyline – if you’ve never seen the film a) GET OFF OUR WEBSITE and b) buy the Grease DVD immediately.

And while we like the preppy 50s style of nice Sandy from Grease, ain’t no doubt about it: bad Sandy is SMOKIN’ HOT and univesally sexy. We also LOVE the fact Newton-John was a (practically ancient) 28 years-old when she played the part of Sandy #SPINSTERSDOINGITFORTHEMSELVES

Here’s how to recreate Sandy from Grease’s BAD girl look…

The trousers

Sandy from Grease outfit

Legend has it, Olivia Newton-John had to be sewn into the super tight, super sexy shiny pants she wore for the ‘transformation’ scene. THAT’S how tight her trousers were.

Now, thanks to American Apparel, we can all have an electrifyin’ derriere with their best-selling, miracle-working sleek ‘n’ shiny, suck-everything-in, high-waisted disco pants. Trousers JUST LIKE Sandy’s.

Black Disco Pants, £74, American Apparel

Red heels

Sandy from Grease dancing

Red shoes = sexy shoes, espesh heeled peep-toe mules. Dolce and Gabbana did a great imitation last year for SS11 – keep an eye on eBay for a pair.

And practise your seductive wiggly walk. Falling flat on your arse or staggering around like a velociraptor does not a sexy Sandy make.

Dolce-Gabana-mule-Spring-Summer-2011Otherwise the Vivienne Westwood collection for Melissa is full of retro inspired red patent pairs of peep-toe heels, like these.

Show a bit of shoulder

Black bardot top Miss Selfridge Sandy from Grease

There’s something supremely sexy about showing a bit of shoulder – espesh after Nice Sandy was constantly covered up (with a sensible cardi usually). Shoulders are the new boobs!

Black Bardot top, now £7, Miss Selfridge (we also heart this Marilyn tee by Heartbreaker but not sure ’bout shipping costs and all that)

Borrowed leather jacket

All Saints Valley biker jacket

To be honest, any black leather jacket will do but you get extra points if it’s ever-so slightly oversized in a ‘I’ve-casually-borrowed-this–off-my-50s-biker-boyfriend’ sort of way. This All Saints version is pricey but look! Red lining JUST like Sandy’s!

Valley biker jacket, £295, All Saints

Bring on the bling

Sandy from Grease detail shot

Channelling her inner chav, one constant in Sandy’s look was her penchant for rude girl hooped earrings. These can be picked up ANYWHERE for cheaps.

Box Chain Hoop Earrings, £8.50, Topshop


Finish off with red lips, curled hair and a cigarette hanging losely from your lip, and see if you can’t bag your very own Danny Zuko…


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