Blow out (and about) // places to party like it’s, er, 2012

While the rest of the Le Blow gals have been chatting incessantly about how Santa’s sack was a-bulging for them this Christmas, I’ve preferred to focus on the REAL meaning of Christmas. In this consumer hell of credit cards and shiny ribbons, let’s not forget what it’s really all about:



It’s the only thing getting us through 80, 000 Quality Street chocs and three days under house arrest eating various animals stuffed inside other animals – the knowledge that in one week’s time we can drink ourselves into oblivion, wear something inappropriate (well it will be after that second cheeseboard), flail around to Prince and get a guaranteed snog at midnight.

Therefore, here are my recommendations for a New Year that will go off with a BANG (that’ll be the sound of me hitting the floor. Damn you heels)…

The Cool…

Mat Horne presents SESSION NYE at the Blueberry, London EC2

Signor Horne off Gavin and Stacey fame has also been known to spin a few tunes, and also have pretty impeccable taste when inviting guest superstar DJs to help him create a pretty damn cool NYE par-tay.
With guest DJ spots from the likes of The Trash Society, O Children, Babyshambles and special guests still to be announced, Mat moves his monthly session night from current residency at the Queen of Hoxton to shiny new venue the Blueberry on Paul Street.
Previous guests to DJ/ show up/ generally party like it’s 1999 (sorry) at Session nights include: Lady Gaga, Kooks, Jodie Harsh, Late Of The Pier, Maccabees, Maximo Park, Zane Lowe, Sadie Frost, and many, many more. Get down on it.

The (ch)easy

Suburban Tarts Vs Rockaoke at the Star of Kings, Kings Cross
The Suburban Tarts nights are always a hit; bouncy indie tunes, cheesy floor fillers, and moves being busted left right and centre for an unpretentious night of merriment. This NYE the boys have had a stroke of genius placing a rockaoke band on the 2nd floor for added boom boom pow. This should be a great night, non expensive and easy to get to, tickets in advance are recommended as it’s a fairly intimate venue and the night will be a guaranteed hit (oh, and if you love it *Paris Hilton voice: ‘it’s hot’* then look out for the Apple Tarts Festival in the summer. Tunes, and camping and cider? Oh my!)

Tickets from £10 via Ran$om Note

The Glamorous


Dirty Pop presents Famous at in INC club, O2 arena
If you’re less Dalston superstar and more the only way is Essex (Hey! I’ve worn brogues to Mahiki and sequins down my local. Not strictly on purpose but still) and you’re looking for somewhere to bust out those Loubies and tease that hair so high Chezza would be bare jels then try heading for Dirty Pop presents Famous at in INC club, O2 arena. It’s less about the music, but let’s be honest who can dance in platforms anyway. Expect extravagance and indulgence at its peak. Pass me the glitter spray and contrast lip liner IMMEDIATELY.

Plush DaFunk and Miss Moneypennys, Mayfair
OR if you fancy taking it one step further Plush Dafunk and Miss Moneypennys (you heard) are hosting a fancy dress party at the Millennium Hotel in London’s Mayfair (fancy indeed) so rock up as your favourite movie siren (JESSICA RABBIT TOTES COUNTS RIGHT? I’M THERE) for the night at the Oscars and party across two ballrooms and two suites, and keep an eye out for deals on 4 star rooms (or just pass out on the grand staircase. just sayin’.)

The Alternative


Stay in, eat more cheese and wail All By Myself, Bridget Jones style.
OK don’t, however staying in is POTENTIALLY the new going out, IF you have a shed load of booze, an array of misfit friends also party-less. Oh, and a smoke machine and a set of strobe lights.
It’s just an idea…

And what will I be doing for New Year, you ask? Well, we all know how cool + glamorous I am, so I’ll be howling down a karaoke mike in a sequin dress in a DJ booth with Mat Horne on a grand staircase with a smoke machine. And What?!


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