The Manifesto // Legs Vs boobs: what does it for you?

The Le Blow Manifesto. We ask four men for the truth. On important things. Like: legs Vs boobs – what does it for you?


MAN 1 //

Boobs, every time. For ages I just thought they were fun to look and even better to play with – but having recently seen them in a breast-feeding capacity I’ve now decided there’s frankly nothing they can’t do.

This doesn’t mean Jordan and the kind of plastic boobed-women you find in Zoo and I’m a Celebrity, BTW. They look like scary fembots. And don’t bother with a Wonderbra either. The post-date ‘exploding bra syndrome’ is a moment of awkwardness on a par with to having clear a bed full of cuddly toys before getting down to business.

MAN 2 //

Don’t really mind, what’s more important is confidence. Despite the fact that writing that sentence made me gag, it’s true.


MAN 3 //

You’ve asked THE question. Like a randy Lewis Carroll, I’m coming at this from the standpoint of past, present and future.

As a teenager, I would have laughed off this question. Boobs would win hands down (or hands on) as I was either looking at boob in FHM or encouraging Lara Croft’s animated fun bags to move as she shot a Zulu warrior in the head or dived off a rock for my pleasure. Legs? Bah I thought, I’ve had them since birth.

However, fast forward and I’m a legs man. My inner teenager is calling me names and loading up ‘Tomb Raider and the Temple of Tits’ as I type but my adult self is choosing legs. I won’t lie. I like breasts but right now I am a lover of girls with shapely pins. Long legs, lovely carves, leading up to a good backside… I’m a fan. I am even fond of my own legs but let’s not dwell on that. Where will I go in the future? Who knows? Maybe a badly judged midlife crisis will take me back to the boob but for now I’m choosing legs.

MAN 4 //

Tricky, as I love both. But if I had to choose, then boobs would marginally win. Large boobs don’t do it for me though; just a nice, natural shape. And in a perfect world, three of them like the woman in Total Recall.

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