Christmas gift guide // Five things to get the girl who is always soooooo coooooooolllld

Christmas gift guide

So from September till May my catch phrase is: “I’m freeeeeeeeeeeezing”. A bit like Nikki Grahame in BB7:

I wrap myself up in multiple layers yet still spend A LOT of time complaining about it being cold. I’m writing this list because I’m terrified that someone is going to buy me a pair of UGG boots.

1. Take hat

faux fur hat - I already have eleventy million woolen bobble hats that I lose all over the place. This one I would take care of because it’s nice and fancy pants.

Vondy Faux Fur Hat, £49, Ted Baker

2. Glove love

marino wool gloves - Marc by Marc Jacobs - mainly wear gloves to hide all my bling rings as I venture through the more sketchy sides of London.

These merino gloves have jewelled ring and bracelet detailing AND are touchscreen friendly so you can wave your iPhone around. You’ll be kept warm for sure in these as you run full speed into well-lit, hoody free areas.

Marc by Marc Jacobs Jewelled Gloves, £75, Selfridges

 3. ‘I’ll keep you warm’ cardi

Wildfox cardigan -

It better for that price. No really, you can’t put a price on warmth. My childhood dream of thinking that my toys came to life when I went to sleep has grown into an adult ‘problem’ where I think my clothes work for me. This cardigan is telling me it’s job description so no need give it a patronising  ‘what exactly is it that you do?’ appraisal.

‘I’ll Keep You Warm’ Manhattan cardigan, £228, Wildfox

 4.Whole lotta bottle

Cat hot water bottle -

Who said hot water bottles were for old women with cats? WHO? The official age it is acceptable to own a hot water bottle now is 24 and ¾. This one has a cat wearing glasses on it just in case you don’t have a harem of cats. Yet.

Kat hot water bottle, £19, Joy

5. You snoodn’t have!

Circle scarves aka snoods are great. You can wear them as Kylie style hoods, shawls, capelets, urban turbans, you can even Blue Peter it into a dress. The possibilities are limitless. But we all know we’ll just wrap them around twice and wear them as scarves.

Acid Wash Circle Scarf, £27, American Apparel

Have a Brrrrrrrilliant Christmas, y’all.


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