The Kills by Kenneth Cappello

Dream & Drive: Ten years of The Kills // And we still want to be Alison Mosshart

Some 600 rolls of film and over 20,000 photographs later (for once, we’re not even exaggerating), The Kills have released their first ever book Dream & Drive, full of intimate behind the scenes, press and live shots taken by their photographer pal Kenneth Cappello.

The Kills Dream and Drive book

The Kills turned ten years old in February – my, how they’ve grown since their first show at the 150 capacity Bar 12 in London. Four albums later and the band now sell out venues like Brixton Academy and perform at festivals worldwide.

Plus, Alison Mosshart is the cool rock chick girl crush de jour – I still haven’t gotten round to copying her fiery red ombre hair *curses self*

Anyway, if like me, you’re a bit of a fan girl and fancy poring over archive pictures of Ms Mosshart herself over the last decade, then this is the sort of coffee table book you’ll savour.*

The Kills by Kenneth Cappello

It is at this juncture, I’d like to add my own (not so) rock ‘n’ roll memory of The Kills, that they might like to include in future editions of the book. Le Blow’s Amy and I headed to Brixton to see The Kills in all our rawk chick finery – we looked like mini Mossharts. However, we had to LEAVE THE GIG EARLY, like absolute grandmamas; I had a terrible migraine and Ryccers felt faint. Hellz yeah *rock on*

The Kills Dream & Drive book

Moving swiftly on, Jamie Hince’s reflects on the making of the book:

We got over excited by everything back then. Everything. Even the crisps seemed exciting.

Every night we’d let our heads fly way up into the clouds, dreaming we were super human and that our little band could go anywhere we wanted it to…

And then bang back down to ground level at the next soundcheck with a one-eyed speaker cabinet and a dressing room wall covered in scribbled cocks.

They turned out to be palaces of the supernatural those clubs, where your life could be changed one night, with nothing more than a knackered Fender Twin and a pair of disintegrating jeans.

I’d forgotten it was really like that until we started on this book…

– J. Hince

Ahh. What a beautiful visual. Thanks Jamie. Dream & Drive  is available for 30 of your finest sheets at


*Unfortunately Jamie Hince’s craggy face features quite heavily, too. What does Kate Moss see in him?

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