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The Manifesto // Why do men always have to drive?

August 17, 2012
Driving under the Eiffel Tower

The Le Blow Manifesto. Five men, telling it like it is. On important shizzle, like:

This week, we put the Le Blow fellows in the driving seat (LOL, topical joke) and asked them: why is it that men always drive?

Driving under the Eiffel Tower

MAN 2 //

Men always drive because it’s totally emasculating being driven by a woman on a first date. After that it’s fine, and anyone who still feels emasculated is a bit of a nob, but often, men drive because they like to. At least that’s why I drive.

Retro couple on a car

MAN 4 //

Er, I have never always driven to be fair. You mean in a controlling way, right? I actually liked it when previous girlfriends wanted to drive, it meant that I could take over the music selection!

No, I guess it’s just down to some male supremacy or authority that we can’t let go of, and want to look cool and virile in the process – which you guys expect, don’t you? *opens can of worms*

Beetles at the drive in movies

MAN 5 //

I don’t.  I live in London so don’t see the point, though I wish I had learned before I went to Uni.  I will learn when I move out of the city and/or breed.  I am starting to get grief for not having a license actually, perhaps fairly.

Got a question for the Le Blow boys? Email them here.
If they’re not too busy insisting on driving (and not asking for directions when they get lost), they’ll answer it, yeah?

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