Call it a comeback? // JoJo’s still got it

If you constantly rubberneck and nostalgacise* on your formative tween years like I do then you’ll not only remember JoJo, you’ll have drunkenly sung Get Out (Leave) – you tell him sistah – every time the nearest thing resembling a mic’s waved in your face. Now, she’s back. Again.

Thing is, ever since young JoJo brought us that aforementioned classic and made 13-year-old boys and pervs alike rub one off to her Barely Not Even Legal gyrating, the girl’s had a string of false starts.

Where her next hit Too Little Too Late showed all the promise of an R&B Taylor Swift without the Jonas bros/purity ring weirdness, the album was a disappointment so lacklustre, it made white noise sound like The Rolling Stones.

Since then she’s put out some massively decent stuff online like the emosh-titled Keep Forgetting (To Forget Bout You) in ’09 and last year’s viral hit – a cover of Drake’s Marvin’s Room.

And now she’s teamed up with Drizzy’s producer Noah 40 Shebib with this slo-mo jam, Demonstrate. I’m just waiting for someone to crack out the drank and upload a Chopped & Screwed version of this mutha.

No mention of an upcoming album but with any luck, THIS WILL BE JOJO’S YEAR**. You go JoJo, you go!

* this isn’t a word. Totally made it up.

**don’t hedge your bets.

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    Nostalgacise *should* be a word. Let’s start a petition! Also, I’d forgotten how good JoJo actually was! Well, those two songs that she did, anyway… Get out (leave)! Right now (go)! Etc. Huh.

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    Is it me or does she look like Stacey Slater from Eastenders? In fact, I’m going to post this conundrum on Facebook right now (leave!) 😉

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    What was her other song again?

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