Wax works // Le Blow reviews: STRIP Wax Bar & Boutique

If you’re going to pay someone to rip the bejesus out of your nether regions, you might as well make the experience as rock and roll as possible.

And whilst a bikini wax is always going to hurt like an absolute mo fo, a visit to STRIP Wax bar and Boutique  goes a long way in quite literally easing the pain. In fact, STRIP cleverly make the experience feel like a proper pampering sesh!


With decadent interiors like a rock star’s boudoir (and I should know, I’ve been in LOADS, obvs), each treatment  room is themed – from chocolate to rose to lavender; matching wax (both colour and scemt) to the wallpaper. Nice.


STRIP are the UK’s first waxing only boutique and are world-renowned for giving the perfect Brazilian wax.

The brainchild of sisters Maria Louise and Danielle Featherstone, STRIP was set up in Notting Hill back in 2005 when the gals noticed a gap in the market for a fun, pain-free waxing experience in a salon dedicated to this treatment alone.

They now wax a whole host of celebrity bits – from Victoria Beckham through to Sienna Miller and Rosie Huntington-Whitely, and this year launched a hi-tech laser hair removal system *cue Dr. Evil style laughter*

Strip at Topshop Oxford Circus


I went for my treatment in the newly opened STRIP in Topshop Oxford Circus, neatly nestled amongst Bleach and Hershesons’ blow dry bar.

Hellz, I could have even got me a tattoo from Metal Morphosis if the experience of getting my muff buffed in such a rock ‘n’ roll environment got the better of me.

I was taken to the Berry Room (apt, as I was popping my Brazilian Wax cherry, LOLZ – or should I say, LOLliwood?) and was both relieved and bemused to spot the flat screen TV on the wall, should I wish to take in a film* whilst my lovely therapist, Cherie, waxed me within an inch of my life.

*The film of the day was 27 Dresses, if you’re interested – ironically the exact number of hairs left ‘down there’, forming my neat landing strip style Hitler ‘tache when I was done.

STRIP Wax Bar and Boutique Chocolate Room


So how do STRIP make the bikini waxing experience (almost) pain free?

The secret is in their signature method: the Lycon hot wax (used after your skin’s prepped with oil and ace for sensitive sorts)  ÷ shorter strips + super quick, ever so profesh rips = me not yelling like a Banshee on a hot tin roof.

Cherie, my therapist, was an excellent. After doing my usual nervy comedy routine of verbal vomit, I actually started to relax – and dare I say, even enjoy it?! No mean feat, considering I was in a position only my gynecologist usually gets to behold.

Also, there’s nothing more disconcerting than staring up at stained, cobwebby walls when you’re on the receiving end of an ‘intimate’ treatment but luckily hygiene is hero at STRIP, what with (pink) disposable gloves and spatulas and NO DOUBLE DIPPING (oo-er missus).

And as for one of my burning (bad word choice, admitedly) waxing FAQs before the treatment, I was indeed given an array of wipes and spritzes so I could ‘freshen up’ *cough* upon arrival.


Admitedly, it’s not cheap, but it’s worth it for a pain free waxing sesh that leaves you as bald as a Mitchell brother – and less ‘angry looking’ after, too. Not only that, but I can now safely say that the regrowth is far less agressive too – no nasty ingrown hairs to contend with.

And you are quite literally in safe hands. The fact that STRIP is dedicated solely to waxing means their therapists are not only experts in the field of defuzzing, but they are extremely profesh. From putting you at ease, talking  you through each step, and expertly whipping off the wax whilst smiling politely and telling you to breath in.

Le Blow verdict

Borat thumbs up

Brazilian wax at STRIP Topshop from £45 or see the full menu of treatments and boutiques here.


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    I really want to try this place. Have heard a lot bout them and didn’t realise there was one in Topshop?!

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      Yuh-huh, it’s quite new I think, and on the lower level, tucked round the back – so you can shop ‘n’ strip in one trip! If you go, ask for Cherie; she’s ace. x

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