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10 Reasons Why… women cheat // Well, according to Emily Hartridge, anyway

Russell Brand fancies her, the Daily Mail wuv her – hellz; she was even featured as ‘going up’ in Grazia t’other week.

Yup, online presenter Emily Hartridge is fast becoming an ‘internet sensation’ (oooh, how very Lily Allen on MySpace circa 2005) thanks to her weekly advice vlog, 10 Reasons Why. And we’ve nabbed her for a cheeky guest post on Le Blow.

This week: 10 Reasons Why… women cheat.

Emily Hartridge presents 10 Reasons Why

It’s fact of life. People cheat; people are cheated on. It fucking sucks but as they say, shit happens!

I think cheating is something that we all think that men do more of. Perhaps they do, perhaps they don’t but let’s be realistic here: WOMEN CHEAT, TOO!

Now, I’m not trying to get on my high horse here or anything but I personally have never cheated on anyone.

I have this obsession to be 100% honest with whoever I am with, whether that ranges from telling my boyfriend that I have in fact just read his messages whilst he was in shower or admitting that it was me who farted that one time in front of his friends.

OK, I’m going slightly off topic here. Where was I? Ahhh yes, right. Cheating women.

Now, in this video I’d like to firstly stress that I don’t know everything (the reality is that it’s probably the opposite) and don’t claim I do.

This video is purely for entertainment purposes and a comical look on 10 Reasons Why some women cheat on their partners…


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    This is brilliant. My only criticism? It sounds like? She’s asking a question? With every sentence? But other than that? GENIUS. Good work, Le Blow.

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    You should do videos more often, Le Blow. This is hilaire and I’m going to check out Emily’s other videos now. Thanks! xx

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    Please can the Le Blow girls do more videos please? I think Amy and Natalie together could be pretty funny. i want to hear what they sound like (I’m not a stalker, honest).

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    ooh la love

    Very good. Hadn’t heard of Emily before and jels that Russell Brand fancies her! Agree with the others that the Le Blow girls should do more videos. Please. Kthxbye. xoxo

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    I LOLed at this vid. Very accurate, ha. x

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