Larsson & Jennings Lader watch

Christmas gift ideas 2013 // For the I-want-what-she’s-got-on-Instagram girl

Christmas gift ideas for women who covet the celebrity lifestyle… or maybe just their style. Usually suffering from a serious case of Fashion FOMO, no thanks to Insta-stalking the best-dressed A-Listers around…

Larsson & Jennings Lader watch

Search ‘Larsson & Jennings’ on Instagram and you’ll be desperate for a sleek and sophisticated time piece.

I was first introduced to the watch when Fashion Director Margaret Zhang Instagrammed a picture of her wearing the Anglo-Swedish style. And since then, I’ve been hooked.

Currently, the label are having a moment with the Insta-pack, but this isn’t just a fashion fad; the Lader watch will be the gift that keeps on giving. Plus, the straps are interchangeable – cool or what?

Insta inspo: @margaret_zhang and @larssonjennings

Larsson & Jennings Lader watch

Lader watch, £205,

Frends Headphones

A-g-e-s ago Lauren Conrad Instagrammed a picture of her Frends and I was sold. I wanted them, and I wanted them NOW. Trouble is: they’re not cheap. But boy, are they stylish. Other celebrity fans include Jessica Alba, Olivia Wilde and Drew Barrymore.

Insta inspo: @LaurenConrad and @frends

FRENDS Headphones

Headphones, from £130,

Loquet London necklace

Millie Manderson (aka Millie Mackintosh) Instagrammed a really subtle hint to her hubbie, Professor Green. Along with a picture of the beautiful necklace, she said: “Just dropping a hint for a certain somebody… @loquetlondon”. Nice work, Mils! Other celeb fans of the pricey neck decoration include Naomi Watts, Alexa Chung and um, Russell Brand.

You can design your own and prices start at £1,950. And what? A girl can dream…

Insta inspo: @camillamackintosh and @loquetlondon

loquet of london

Large heart locket, £1,950,

The Chanel Boy Brick

My one true Insta-girl crush is Ashley Madeke. You might know her as the Revenge actress, but she’s also the ultimate style maven.

Recently, it was her birthday and what did her husband buy her? Only a Chanel Boy Brick. Jealous with a capital J!

The Chanel AW13 bag is the lambskin version of the famous Chanel Lego Clutch Bag. Rita Ora also owns one. I’ve asked Santa for the £2,515 bag, but I suspect he laughed really hard at my request…

Insta inspo: @SmashleyBell


Lambskin Boy handbag, £2,515,

Bleach London White Toner

Along with Ashley, Emily Weiss is another girl crush of mine. The Founder and Creative Director of beauty website used to be a brunette but this year she tried blonde.

When she regrammed a picture of a model with blonde hair, she wrote: “Okay so @bleachlondon came out with something called “White Toner.” Why isn’t there a Boots in NYC?!” I did a hop, skip and a jump because WE have a Boots and the White Toner is going on MY shopping list.

P.S. You might recognise Emily from The Hills?!

Insta inspo: @emilywweiss

Bleach-EmilyBleach White Toner Kit, £7,

YSL Blush Collector Palette and Touche Éclat

Beauty enthusiast @loveforskincare enjoys a good blusher as much as I do. She Instagrammed a picture of the UH-MAZING YSL Beauty blusher and my heart skipped a beat. This is up there on my Christmas list! I also need a YSL Touche Éclat pen in my life – it’s the ultimate tool for achieving radiance during party season.

Insta inspo: @LoveforSkincare


YSL Blush Collector Palette,

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