Working gurrrrrl // Meet our new NYC girl crush, Eva Chen

There are some people you follow on the social meedyahs and you just get TOTAL life envy. Eva Chen is one of those people.1-Eva-Chen-solo
If you’re not au fait with Chen, here’s the low-down: She’s editor-in-chief of Lucky magazine, she’s got FIERCE style (ergo, excellent street style fodder), plus she’s making a BIG impact on the publishing and digital world right now. What’s more, she seems like someone who you’d genuinely want to be bezzie mates with.

But one of the reasons why we really have a soft spot for her – and it’s not because she knows how to rock a Kenzo jumper with aplomb –  is because she really knows her shit.

Having previously worked at Elle and Teen Vogue (and interned at Lucky waaay before that), this summer she was appointed by Anna Wintour (herself!) to head up Condé Nast’s Lucky magazine.

OH, and did we mention this 33-year-old is the youngest in the Conde Nast management team? High five, sister!

Talking about mags and that, she said: “My long-term goal is to rethink the model of a fashion magazine. I think when most people think of a fashion magazine they think of something that’s very austere, removed, and very dictatorial,” she says.

“I want to make a fashion magazine that is approachable, that you feel like you can talk to. That serves up every day inspiration, not fashion with a capital ‘F.’”

YES THIS! Oh Chen, you’re COOL with a capital C.


The inspirational boss is different to most of the magazine editors of today – y’know, scared to death of the digital world; Eva embraces it with open arms, and she gets it completely.

“Something the startup industry celebrates is nimbleness and the ability to change and take risks, I love that,” she says, “You have to be willing to test new things out.”

Obviously, if you follow her on social media, you’ll know that she’s got style by the bucket load, but it’s nice to know that even SHE looks to celebs for style inspiration. In an interview with The New Potato, she said she counts Kate Moss, Alexa Chung, Diane Kruger and Olivia Palermo as her style icons – as well as her mum and her Grandma (bless).

Plus, she even does that ‘can I have a photo with you?’ thing with celebs that some people think is like, sooo not cool. Nuts to that, we say!




Last week she was interviewed by, talking about her social-media presence-slash-amazing-life: “I feel very incredibly lucky to be living in New York City, to be an editor at a magazine I love so much, to be able to show people what I see.”

Step aside Wintour, something tells us we’ll be watching a Devil Wears Kenzo-esque film about Eva in the near future. But it’ll probably be a Netflix exclusive. In 3D. Wearing Google glasses, knowing her.

That’s all.

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