BLEACH Salon gives Barbie a new dip dyed barnet // I want one of these for Crizza

Having been coveting this hair for some time now but not having the balls to actually get it done:

pink hair tips

As well as never quite growing out of my secret love for Barbie (when my three year old nephew pointed out Barbie during Toy Story 3 and exclaimed, ‘It’s Aunty Nat!’, I have never felt so proud), I was wee-my-pants excited to see BLEACH hair salon’s latest client: none other than Babs herself:


The too cool for school East End salon gave Barbie a barnet to DYE for as part of their Barbie Design Printables kit collaboration with the plastic princess.


It’s a clever bit of kit: by using online software and your own inkjet printer, the Barbie Design Printables set allows you to print the colours and designs you like directly onto the clip-on hair extensions provided.


It’s a shit hot present – for 30 sheets, not only do you get your own Dalston-esque doll, but a kit including 16 adult hair extensions which can be clipped into your own hair (plus 6 for Barbie, natch) as well as the nifty software so you can create your own ker-azy kreations in any colour or design you bloody well like. Have that.

Barbie designable hair extensions + doll, £29.99 – available from Tesco and online

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