Stereotyped // The Apprentice

Caroline “The Brand” Jenkins has an impressive ‘re-soo-mey’* and could sell ice to the Eskimos. Her first word wasn’t ‘mummy’, it was ‘money’. Everything she touches turns to SOLD. Yet she’s not a cliché, oh no. She likes to think outside the box; if she was an apple pie, the apples would be ORANGE. And […]

Stereotyped // The Koople

Achingly attractive, snake-hipped French couple who are far too cool for school. And very, very beautiful <pout> Koople of smug bastards, more like. He’s a painter, she’s a model. No, wait – she’s a photographer, he’s a musician. You what now? He’s a secret agent and she’s a fire-eating, horse-riding mime artist? Whatever. <dramatic hair […]