Stereotyped // The Tennis Toff

The Tennis Toff

Timothy is a tennis toff; a member of the prestigious Queen’s Tennis Club in West Kensington (second only to that All England Lawn Tennis and Croquet Club down the road. He couldn’t get in there). However, he only plays tennis for two weeks of the year, when Wimbledon’s on. And by playing tennis, we mean quaffing copious amounts of Pimm’s and pinching the ball girls’ bottoms.

Timothy enjoys the club’s excellent facilities, such as the rather nifty bar and a unisex sauna. You could say that the only serve he’s interested in is that of the bartender.

He also likes the fact there’s no play-in requirement at the club, which’d spoil his fun somewhat, although he did have to endure a lesson with one of the male coaches to assess his grading (his grade was Really Shit). What a racket!

He’s more interested in perfecting his stroke off court, and whilst he does have a wife at home, Love simply means nothing to him…

– Words: Natalie Wall // Illustration: Libby Freshwater

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