Walk of shame or stride of pride? // Harvey Nicks’ new Christmas vid

We’ve all been there, eh? The ol’ walk of shame. It needs no explanation. The new Harvey Nichols’ Christmas campaign video is much better than the soppy John Lewis one.

Watching it made us think back to Ruth’s ‘Dirty Stop Out kit‘ post a while back. We can most relate to the girl munching on a bacon buttie at the bus stop at 0:25…

Harvey Nicks reckon the walk of shame can be avoided by ensuring you’re wearing a shit hot dress, but we think the moral of this story is to a) always carry a spare pair of tights in your bag. And a wet wipe. And a pair of flats. And chewing gum.

And b) to wear a (preferably) floor length coat on nights out.

Oh, and c) get a cab back home in the morning. What?!

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Avoid a Walk of Shame with the Harvey Nicks’ definitive guide to decadent evening dressing…

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    My favorite walk of shame sighting was a guy leaving a house early on a Saturday morning in a full Santa suit. He knew there was no disguising his situation and it was freezing so he embraced it and put his beard on.
    At least girls can steal a shirt and work it.

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