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Advanced style // Getting old: is 26 the new 40? Discuss…

I think 26 might be the new getting old. When I think about turning 27 my worry lines deepen some more. If you’re 30+ you’re probably reading this thinking, “ha, wait until you turn 30” and if you’re 40+ you more than likely despair of a 26 year old writing an article on getting old.

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Here are some of the disconcerting changes I have noticed over the last year.

When I’m getting dressed, I have to think twice about wearing a silk slip with converse
Should I still be wearing the clothes I wore at 21? My fiancé bought me a beautiful vintage YSL navy and white polka dot knee length pencil skirt the other day. As the lady at the till handed the bag over he said “there you go, now you have something grown up in your wardrobe”.

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The fact that I have a fiancé
When I think of the wedding in my own terms; beautiful dress, nice location, good food, party, it’s fine.

But when I bought a wedding magazine, possibly the first and last time, and saw an article titled ‘the merits of the swan fold vs the cats paw fold’ I lost it a bit. If it wasn’t for the accompanying images of folded napkins I would not have even known what a cat’s paw is!

I ended up ranting at one friend that I wasn’t going to turn into Martha Stewart over night just because I’d said yes. Poor soul only asked politely how the wedding plans were coming along. The problem is the only people I know who are married are old, as in what I have always perceived to be old, I’m young and they’re old, therefore now, I too must be old.

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I worry if everything should have come together by now
I thought by this age I would be firmly on the career ladder, earning myself lots of money to buy designer clothes with, my own little maisonette with an affordable mortgage and a car, a vintage Mercedes.

Having had a career change I’m not exactly on the ladder anymore, more like jumped off it.

The only way I could earn enough money to buy a house would be to work as a call girl which I have been putting some serious thought into recently.

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And after being a Londonite with a penchant for taxis for so many of my formative years, it has taken me until now to start driving lessons. People do not give you ‘Congratulations’ cards when you pass your theory test at 27 as they would have done if you’d been 17. I didn’t even get a bottle of bubbly.

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However I do have lots of designer clothes, which I suppose is what really matters isn’t it?! After all I am sat here in Balenciaga, it almost seems rude to complain…

Images all taken from the amazing Advanced Style blog

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