The Manifesto // Ladies love shopping and men do not. Pourquoi?

The Le Blow Manifesto. We frog-march five members of the male species into a room, ply them with beer and force them to answer questions. On imortant topics. Like these:

This week, we asked our Manel to tell us their thoughts on… shopping. So they did:

retro women shoppingMAN 1 //

I love clothes shopping but I’ve always been confused by that Confessions of a Shopaholic ‘tripping round town with your mates buying designer clothes’ mentality.

Research shows that women are less than truthful with each other about what looks good. And trust me, your partner will lie through his teeth if it means he can exit Warehouse one nanosecond sooner.

However, leave me indoors with a laptop and the Mr. Porter website (for reference purposes before I buy designer knock-offs elsewhere, natch) and I’m in hog heaven.

crowds of retro shoppers

MAN 2 //

I like shopping as long as: I’m on my own. I know what I want. I can find it.

I don’t like shopping when: I’m going with someone who doesn’t know what they want, but doesn’t mind because they’ll find something if they look for long enough… probably.

Put it like this: if you use the word shopping to describe a pastime rather than a necessity, don’t ask me to go with you.

retro women shopping

MAN 3 //

It all depends on context.
Ask me to hit the shops to buy myself some clothes, some new tech or something geeky then I love it. I’m in my element in a retail environment and I’ll happily bounce from shop to shop. I even insist on trying on clothes… something my lad mates hate doing apparently.

However, I presume you’re asking this question as you want to know what I think about shopping with girls. Honestly… I’m like a pet animal. Put me the cage (shop) and give some toys to play with (clothes you like) and I’ll be enthusiastic for a wee while but it won’t last forever. By hour number 3, shop number 10 and identical dress no 17… I’m pretty damn bored and I just want to go home.

retro shop window

MAN 4 //

I love shopping – always have – which amazes both my male and female friends. Or as some will diplomatically put it ‘you’re gay’. I’m not, but I’m happy and comfortable going out with a girlfriend for hours browsing the shops and basically having a laugh together.

I can understand why some men loathe it, so simply stay well away. I’m sure many argumentts stem from shopping, so don’t put yourselves through the pain.

MAN 5 //

Shopping is brilliant, as long as you have money to spend. Window shopping is the single most pointless human activity since zumba.

Shopping with a girl is actually more fun and less stressful as I trust (most) women implicitly to make far better decisions about me than I can make myself.
Shopping with a girl for girls clothes is nearly as pointless as zumba; you will just say you like everything she picks up even when you don’t, she will tut and get annoyed at you for just wanting to get out of the girls section.

Do the right thing and say you’ll meet her in 20 minutes outside the men’s changing rooms.

The Le Blow men have spoken. Now have YOUR say here:


Men! How do you feel about shopping as an ‘activity’?

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    men are from Mars

    The only men I know who like shopping are gay.

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